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Click here for sketch map of outing.

(Pictures relating to the text appear at the end of the notes.)

keywords: lichen, leatherwood, squirrel, seep, woodpecker, ants


A beard lichen peeping between the slats of the Ben Ocean bridge.

Caddisfly larvae beneath stone in seep. The larval cases are the small, whitish sausages (they're actually covered with white sand fragments). There is one to the left of the brown leaf fragment.

Where a squirrel dug for something (an acorn?) beneath the snow.

The tracks of a 'coon along the seep.

Muddy acorn bits by the seep; nearby were muddy squirrel tracks.

Sawdust (from Carpenter Ants?) in the hole made by a Pileated Woodpecker into the side of an Oak snag.

Pileated Woodpecker dripping at the base of a snag. It's full of Carpenter Ant debris.

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