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Click here for sketch map of outing.

(Pictures relating to the text appear at the end of the notes.)

The Oreo cookie (dark/light layering) of American Elm inner bark.

The rough and woven cords of healthy elm bark; lichen bedecked.

The characteristically bent end bud of Elm.

Birds, maybe Robins, have been feeding on (and 'processing') rosehips.


Dried remains of Turtlehead.


Remains of a wasp nest - only the queens overwinter, and not in the nest.

Icicles from the bottom up.

Rabbits also appreciate Multiflora Rose.

Squirrels have apparently been clipping the delicate, flower-bud bearing twig tips of Elm, and then coming down to feed upon their 'harvest'. Elm twig and Squirrel pellet.

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