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Temperature and rainfall in Hawthorne Valley from midnight on Sat., March 5 until about 9pm Tuesday evening. The rainfall didn't stop at 8pm Sunday night; it froze.

Around 3pm on Sunday - warm air over cold snow = fog.

High water has driven out this meadow vole which is clinging to some shrubs in a flooded ditch.

By Monday, the Valley is encased in ice.

Some twigs dangle long icicles.

Other, more vertical twigs have no icicles, and even some horizontal branches have but a few.

The thin, high-tensile wire in the foreground has short, regularly spaced icicles; quite different from those on the twigs in the background.

Probable mink tracks along hedge row separating the Main Gardens from West Hill.



These bounding mink tracks made it as far as the Farm Creek and then turned around; another, smaller? set of mink tracks may have joined these at one point.

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