12 Mar

We’re not posting a map for this outing because the Columbia Land Trust has produced much better maps than we could draw up. Please see their High Falls page for more information.

(Pictures relating to the text appear at the end of the notes.)

keywords: High Falls, Hemlock, Yellow Birch, Tree of Heaven, Black Locust

High Falls at high water. The red brick structure barely visible at the top of the Falls is an old mill.

Power that erodes rock and that ran industry.

Tulip Trees are generally considered a relatively southerly species; Philmont is a bit warmer than some other spots in the County. This picture shows the Tulip Tree's elegant seed cluster.

In good Basswood style, this basswood had tipped over some time ago. However, it didn't break nor was it completely uprooted. It is now sending up new 'trial trunks' from along its prone original trunk. This stream-side location is typical.

A contrast-enchanced view of Black Locust branches against the sky. Note the somewhat rough or angular structure of the twigs.


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