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Indigo and I went for a walk around the farm yesterday. It’s March mud season;  the greenhouses are just beginning to come alive with new seedlings, there is that “something” in the air… the animals are sniffing it, the people are sensing it… there is just a hint of greening on the fields… it must be spring?!

Steffen is beginning to spend more time on the tractor and less time in the office.... a sure sign of spring!

Emi, Ginny and Bob taking a quick break during a busy greenhouse seeding day

baby lettuce.... young and tender...

onion sprouts poking up for a first look....

hey.. is the grass ready yet?

Time for a 'haircut' very soon......

Kelly says "take a picture of Percy the pig- we think that he thinks he's a dog ..." ...

so we did... here is Percy, the friendliest pig of them all!

The field of wintered-over wheat planted during the "Sowing the Future" event last fall

Welcome to Dayna... our second year livestock apprentice... with great big load of food for the pigs!



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