18 Mar

Click here for sketch map of outing.

(Pictures relating to the text appear at the end of the notes.)

keywords: birds, multiflora rose, willows


Across the "Bee Field" (northwest corner of the farm) in the morning.


The sun had not quite hit the Valley Field yet.


Multiflora Rose can form a dense and frustrating tangle.

But the birds don't seem to mind it.


Birds often put their nests in the well-protected cradle of a rose.

Bright, young day lillies poking up through the wet mud.


A flock of geese heading north; there were at least 125 birds in this flock.

The Farm Creek, downstream from the pump house. Not yet the verdant place it will be later in the season.


The Pussy Willow are 'furring out'. These are probably male flowers.

Remnants of years gone by - brittle milkweed pods.

A Song Sparrow perched in an Alder (with its catkins getting ready to burst).

A female House Sparrow on its more conventional house.

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