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Many of our trees bloom before our herbaceous spring flowers. This in elm bud and flower.

A Killdeer in the wheat. Killdeer are related to sandpipers and similar shorebirds and, like those birds, nest in open areas. In the case of the killdeer, agricultural fields seem to be close enough to "shore" to feel like home.

A plowed vegetable field. A sure sign of Spring.

Sunset behind West Hill. Many of the trees silhouetted here are White Pine, evidence that the hill top was once a field (with a view).

The Red Maple are also in flower... it was getting dark.

The air was alive with cheeping Peepers. Many were in this pond on West Hill, but they were also scattered throughout the wetlands all along the base of the hill. If you want to hear what we heard while walking through this area, then click the link below...

Click here for a recording of the Peepers we were hearing during our walk.

This is not a sterling picture of a Peeper, however it gives you an idea of what we saw in the dusk: little, dark, jumping blips amongst the grass. Peepers are not always so dark; many are lighter with more pattern on their back (see Claudia's earlier post).

The moon was sitting over Harlemville as we walked home. This is the same Elm whose flowers we photographed earlier in our walk.

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